Beware of Brain Flog and How To Avoid It

If you ask why you need nitric oxide supplements, then you must read this article. Have you ever lost concentration while talking to someone? Or had you hurriedly opened a closet, but suddenly forgot what to take? Watch out, lest you experience what is called brain fog! Although not a medical term, brain fog terminology is often used to describe symptoms of decreased brain function and capacity, such as difficulty concentrating and focusing, easily distracted, forgetful, and disrupting other thought processes.

In the past, symptoms of decreased brain ability as mentioned above are often associated with age. In fact, brain fog is also often experienced by those who are still in their 30s and 20s. At that age brain fog is usually triggered by a number of conditions, such as lack of sleep, stress, hormonal influences, for example during menstruation and during pregnancy, consumption of certain drugs, and lack of vitamins and minerals due to unhealthy eating patterns. To overcome brain fog conditions, you can try the following tips at home:

– Brain training, such as filling out crosswords, playing puzzles, writing, and playing music.
– Avoid too much multitasking. Focus on completing the work one by one to get maximum results.
– Apply a healthy diet, enough iron needs and multiply the consumption of antioxidants. Lack of iron intake can lead to anemia and decreased cognitive function or intelligence.
– Exercise regularly to smooth blood flow and distribute oxygen to all body tissues, including the brain.
– Get enough sleep, 7-8 hours a day. In sleep, the body regenerates damaged body cells and consolidates memory in the brain. That’s why lack of sleep can result in memory disorders and difficulty concentrating.
– Manage stress well. In certain levels, stress plays a positive role to spur achievement. But, if it is excessive, stress can disrupt the process of thinking and concentration, and weaken the memory formation process.

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