3 Types of Sliding Door Materials That Make Your Home More Charming

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A house must have a door. Along with technological developments, the creation of doors is increasingly diverse. Sliding doors are not only identical in one country but now many have used sliding door models to gain wider access. But do you know the selection of sliding doors will affect the design and concept of the house? In this article we will provide a sliding door reference that will fit the design of your home:

– Clear glass sliding door
This type of sliding door is usually used as a partition inside the house. Because of the translucent nature of clear glass, this sliding door is usually used as a room partition. For example, you can place this door on the border between the family room and the dining room. Even though it is bordered and separated by a sliding door, the two rooms look together, the result is the house looks spacious.

– Folding sliding door
This one sliding door usually consists of many door panels. Usually, folding sliding doors are placed on very wide openings, such as in a garage. You should not place this type of sliding door in a small room, because the open door folds will consume more space than other types of sliding doors.

– Wooden sliding door
Solid and opaque wood material makes this type of sliding door suitable to limit the space that does require privacy. One example is the fitting sliding door installed as a warehouse door. Items piled up in the warehouse will easily be hidden behind this type of sliding door.