Things you must know before you buy a new washing machine

The element or outer layer of the washing machine is important for you to know. This is to anticipate when you put the washing machine according to your will, while the material that lines the washing machine turns out to be affected by the temperature of the air or other types of household appliances. Apart from that, you may prefer using the lavanderia industrial washing machine if your company must deal with so many dirty clothes every day.

Ask the Prohibition Carefully

Things that should not be done on a washing machine are usually well written in the guidebook. However, there is nothing wrong if you try to find out more by asking the sales or sellers who are more experienced.


Do you need to buy a washing machine, including business or just as a personal need? If the washing machine is bought for business, you should think about buying in large quantities, and to reduce capital, meaning you need to ask for more discounts. Different if only for personal needs that you can determine according to your abilities.


Every brand of the washing machine will present different technology on each product. Make sure you choose a washing machine with technology that is tailored to your needs. In addition, it is important for you to just ask perhaps there is a better technology for consideration.


Washing machine technology is now very sophisticated. For drying systems or dryers already spoiled with the availability of dryers on almost every washing machine. Pay attention to the material coating the dryer and its ease of operation.

Washing Machine Dimensions

The dimensions of the washing machine dimensions or the weight of the washing machine need to be considered. This concerns the needs of your home. If the weight of the washing machine is too large, it will make the work of moving houses or decorating the house even more difficult because they have to go back and forth with such heavy items. Especially if you put a washing machine on the second floor which of course will have an effect when moving goods.