Things to Consider Before You Choose Keto Diet

To get the benefits of the keto diet optimally and well without side effects that are harmful to health, first learn some of the things that you must pay attention to in the following keto diet even though you will benefit from keto cookbooks .

Keto diets do have to be carried out with discipline. All forms of carbohydrates and sugar should be avoided, including carbohydrates in flour, potatoes, and noodles. This principle applies as long as you go on a keto diet to achieve ketosis. If you are still “stubborn” and continue to eat foods that contain carbohydrates, the condition of ketosis will not be achieved and fat in the body will not be burned for energy. Therefore, a diet will not work.

Preparing to Face the Keto Flu
In the first 7-10 days of the keto diet, you may feel a headache, lethargy and lackluster, which is then called the keto flu period. During this period or period, the body adjusts to the loss of carbohydrate intake and begins to make the transition to burning fat as an energy source. So, you don’t need to worry. This period is quite common and usually disappears after the body gets used to the diet on the keto diet.

Increase mineral intake and body fluids
Under conditions of ketosis, the kidneys will release more electrolytes and fluids. Therefore, during a keto diet, make sure you get enough sodium and potassium intake.

Pay attention to health conditions
Keto diets are not recommended for people who cannot eat high-fat foods, for example, people with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, who have a history of gallstone problems, gallbladder, diabetes, or other health problems are also advised to consult a doctor first before undergoing the keto diet.

Prepare a Plan After Taking the Keto Diet
The keto diet should not be done continuously, because this diet is a short-term diet. When Lemonizen has reached the target of healthy weight, prepare a healthy high-fiber diet consisting of consumption of natural ingredients.