Symptoms of Depression? What is your reaction?

Some people who come to ayahuasca retreat talk openly about the desire to die or commit suicide. They also dwell on the topic of death in every conversation. They can research ways to kill themselves or buy weapons, knives or pills. The person can take steps to prepare for death, such as renewing a will, giving valuables, and “saying goodbye”. Some people might write suicide notes. The person can speak honestly about unacceptable pain or feel that it will only be a burden to others. Often, someone who wants to commit suicide experiences depression, anxiety, sadness, or anger. They may also be very angry, moody, or aggressive. However, they could suddenly become calm after they decided to commit suicide. So they may sleep more or less than usual. It was time for the community to stop underestimating suicide and begin to take it seriously. With the number of cases increasing, your knowledge of the symptoms of someone who wants to commit suicide can save lives.

If there are friends or relatives who share the difficulties of their lives, don’t be afraid to ask how they really feel. You can try asking whether he is or has ever intended to hurt himself or think about suicide. This method can help ease the mind of the person and provide an opportunity to seek help from a psychologist at ayahuasca retreat. If the person is afraid to meet a professional, offer yourself to accompany him as soon as possible with ayahuasca retreat so that he can get immediate treatment from ayahuasca retreat. After knowing the symptoms of someone wanting to commit suicide, you can now begin to play an active role in preventing people around you, especially loved ones, from committing suicide. The commemoration of the World Suicide Prevention Day which falls on September 10, can be a milestone for being more sensitive in helping others in preventing suicidal ideation.