Can Accident Cause the Hip Fracture?

An auto accident chiropractor Jacksonville that you can find out there will help you get the best treatment based on the condition of your bone. Perhaps, you got the accident but skip to take the treatment because you thought that nothing goes wrong with your health. However, it is important to check all parts of your body. That’s why you also need to visit the chiropractor aside from the doctor. Imagine if something happens to your hip.

Hip fractures or also called proximal femoral fractures are fractures or broken upper thigh bones located near the hip joints. The hip joint is the part that connects the thigh bone to the pelvis. Based on its location, hip fractures are divided into two categories. Broken bones that occur in the part of the thigh bone which is located in the socket joint (intracapsular) and fractures of the thigh bone which are outside the socket (extracapsular).

Hip fractures are common in elderly women with porous bone disease (osteoporosis) who experience trauma, such as falling or bumping. However, this condition can also be experienced even without a history of trauma or previous falls due to the condition of the bones that are already so vulnerable. In addition, several other conditions such as cancer can also reduce bone and make a person more prone to hip fractures. Symptoms that indicate hip fractures include:

– Pain is unbearable in the hips or groin.
– Can not stand or rest on the legs in the injured hip.
-Cannot lift, move or rotate feet.
– Feet on the injured hip become shorter or deviated outward.
– Bruises and swelling of the hips and surroundings.

For people with osteoporosis, they can experience hip fractures without falling at all. Although it feels trivial, don’t ignore the pain that appears on your hips after you fall. If you have a hip fracture, you should immediately go to the hospital for medical examinations and treatment. Limit your movements to a minimum so that your condition doesn’t get worse.