Clean the Gas Stove from Oil and Food Stains

Have you had a menu that will be cooked today? Whatever type of cuisine you can all do with the help of a gas stove. The existence of a gas stove is very helpful for cooking activities. If there is no charcoal to burn fish, you can still burn fish on a gas stove. After cooking, the gas stove will definitely be stained with oil for food. You better clean the gas stove immediately because the longer it is left, the stain is even harder to clean. We will share how to clean gas stoves from oil and food stains easily. If you are out of gas, you can search for propane tanks near me.

– Clean the surface of the gas stove

The most important part to clean is the surface of the stove. Because this part is often stained with oil or food. How to clean a gas stove is actually very easy. Only with a wet cloth, you can wipe the surface of the stove. However, what if the surface of this stove is very oily and can’t be cleaned with just a wet cloth? Use dishwashing liquid and sponge soap. Take a dipped sponge in a liquid dishwashing solution, then rub the sponge on the entire surface of the stove. After that, take a clean damp cloth to remove soap residue on the surface of the stove.

– Wash the stove button

Do you realize that when cooking your hands it becomes very dirty because we have held vegetables, meat or fish? Then, in a dirty hand, you turn the switch to turn the stove on and off. As a result, the stove button becomes very dirty and sticky. When cleaning the gas stove, don’t forget to remove and wash the stove button. Use dishwashing liquid soap to eliminate the sticky impression on the stove button.