Basic Things to Learn about SEO

Do you want to start SEO campaigns? SEO is an effort that you can do to increase your website traffic by displaying websites and on the first page of search engines like Google. Unfortunately, the SEO process is not as easy as you might think. Even though you will choose Seo Delray Beach, make sure there are some basic things that you have learned and understood so that it will make it easier for you to choose the best SEO services that suit your business needs.

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Anchor text

Anchor text is an SEO industry term for hyperlink text or can also be called an anchor for links. Anchor text is a common problem for finding links that go to other pages, this is very helpful to improve the ranking of our blog. It is very good to optimize text links internally as long as they are relevant and not excessive and this step is considered to distribute as a link scheme. Our best practice must be to maintain anchor text naturally in each article.

Title tag

The title tag or page title is the tag in HTML denoted by – TITLE -. Title tags are page titles that can be seen on the tab in our browser or in the title of the search results. The title tag helps search engines and internet users to identify blog pages. The best practice for title tags is to create unique and relevant titles for each page.

Meta Descriptions

A meta tag description HTML, the aim is to describe the snippet of the article from the blog or website page. Description tags sometimes have no effect on rankings, but can help increase clicks that appear in search results. for this matter it is suggested that the meta description must be relevant or match the practice title tag this is called the on-page SEO strategy.


SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. A SERP is a ranking of a website or blog that is in the front line of the results of a search. Basically, this is a search results page. SERP is an SEO term that was created because of the large number of our pages in the search page.