This Wood Floor Can Purify Room Air

Wood or parquet floors are in great demand because it can make the atmosphere of the room more comfortable and warm. But this one product was able to make the air in the room fresher because it has a negative ion content. Negative ions have many benefits, such as purifying the air in the room, normalizing the heart rate, reducing alkaline levels in the blood, normalizing blood pressure, promoting blood circulation, strengthening bones, and relieving fatigue.

Each cubic centimeter of flooring stores in lexington sc can produce 3,000 units of negative ions. This amount is equivalent to the negative ion content in the forest or mountains. The negative ion on the flooring stores in Lexington sc is produced by tourmaline stones, which naturally produce negative ions. This stone is infused into the layer of flooring stores in Lexington sc. Besides having negative ion content, this product has several advantages, including scratch resistance, because the surface is coated with sapphire powder. In addition, the surface of the wood floor is coated 12 layers under a varnish coating and one layer of varnish finishing coating that makes the parquet surface not absorb liquid.

Compared to other wood flooring products such as hardwood, laminate, or engineered wood, Ironwood is the most stable and expansion resistant and shrinking product, due to the multi cross layered base rendering technology. In this case, the health side is also considered the flooring stores in Lexington sc. Formaldehyde is the main cause of cancer. Each Ironwood sheet has E0 formaldehyde level. This figure is lower than the safety standard for products that meet health criteria in Europe. Exotic and environmentally friendly. That’s the thing that is obtained by using bamboo as an ingredient for the floor at home. Typical bamboo texture makes the floor unique. Color choices also vary to match the colors of other interiors. “The bamboo floor is still fresh,”

Installation of bamboo flooring is the same as the installation of flooring from materials that are commonly used, such as wood. “The cost is relatively affordable and there is no need for special care.”

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