Tips for Placing and Caring for Carpets

Carpets can give a sense of comfort and accent that is unique to a room. In order for the carpet to appear maximum, its placement needs to be considered. Each color element of the interior should be in order with the tone of the carpet. Like, sofa, curtain fabric, blanket, and bed cover must be in accordance with the compliment. Carpets must also be adapted to the problem that will be presented in the room (classic, modern, minimalist, etc.). Also, adjust the carpet with the material of the walls and floor of the room, whether made of ceramic, marble, parquet, or other materials. On the other hand, avoid using colored carpets with the color of the wall or floor, because the carpet will not create an accent for the room. Carpet maintenance is actually easy. There are several tips that must be done so that the carpet is not quickly damaged. If the carpet is used as a heavy cupboard, you should not leave it for years, because it will make the carpet damaged. It would be better if you use professional power such as the north carpet cleaning sydney restoration.

Every two or three months, the carpet must be dried in the sun for at least three or four hours. We recommend that the bottom of the carpet be dried in the sun first, because in this section water deposits often occur. After that dry the top, but not too long, because the color of the carpet can fade. If you have stains, such as food stains, drinks, eggs, urine, or blood, the first step is to wipe it with a white cloth soaked in warm water, then squeeze it until there isn’t too much water. Then, attach the white cloth to the affected area. Wait until the stain is absorbed into the white cloth. After that, clean the cloth with water. Do that method over and over again, until all the stains on the carpet are absorbed. If the stain remains, rub it slowly in the direction of the thread. Do not go against the groove, because it will damage the texture of the carpet. Most people think that especially high-quality carpets such as woven and Axminster, will require regular maintenance and even spend expensive. But in reality, just by avoiding the five methods below, your carpet will remain beautiful and maintain its durability.

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