Utilizing Live Streaming Videos For You!

When we are searching, we will get the understanding that live streaming is a process of delivering data in a continuous and fixed stream that allows users to access and use files before the data is fully delivered. So we don’t have to bother waiting to download the file, because we can directly enjoy the facility in realtime or at that moment too, right? In the world of internet, streaming refers to technology that is able to compress or shrink the size of audio and video files to be easily transferred via the internet network. So when we want to watch or listen directly, the video or audio is not too heavy, because the file has been reduced or compressed. Melbourne Livestreaming technology on Internet broadcasting consists of two types, the first type is Video-On-Demand and the second type is Live Video (Real Time).

On-demand video is an interactive television system that facilitates audiences to control or choose their own choice of video and clip programs to watch. The function of the VOD is like a video rental, where customers can choose the program or spectacle that they want to show. Program choices can be in the form of a series of movie titles, TV series, reality shows, and other programs. not only watching, but the public can also save and download programs as they wish. As for Live videos, or commonly known as lifecasting, broadcast a media file at that time when an event is taking place, so the process is real time. Well, one of the television stations that refers to live casting technology is, for example, Melbourne Live streaming.

If mixed well, the live video streaming service can also provide great benefits. Host or broadcaster can present a different alternative to citizen journalism. We can provide and enjoy direct reports of an event without having to depend on certain media. Not only that, even educators can hold various schools, courses or lectures online.

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